Call for Submissions from Autistic People

Nautie Zine Call Out

This is a call out to all autistic people who have struggled to comply with what they ‘should’ do to be acceptable to non-autistic people. We are the non-compliant, the compliant-but-angry, the resisters of allistic culture, the natural anarchists, the “naughty” auties. Send me your stories, essays, pictures, photos, artwork. There is no ‘theme’ as such. Write/create what you want people to hear. This is a low-budget zine (i.e. I will be producing it in the typical zine way of photocopying it) and any money I make from sales will be redistributed equally between everybody who has submitted, no matter how little it is. The main aim of this zine is not to make money but to get autistic ‘voices’ out there, and heard, in unexpected places. I will be taking copies to pubs, cafes, medical centres, colleges, bookshops. I hope one day to collate some of the best submissions into a proper anthology. Please send submissions to